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The UK government have set their sights on the NHS going paperless by 2018 with more than £4bn being set aside for areas such as electronic records, online appointments, prescriptions and consultations.

Better use of IT in the health industry could:

  • Improve care
  • Allow health professionals to spend more time with their patients
  • Save billions

Take a look at Sigma's top software picks that will benefit the UK’s health industry.

Healthcare Solutions from our Vendors


ABBYY Recognition Server

Paperless records are the future for the NHS. ABBYY’s OCR and PDF conversion software can make creating a searchable, digital archive an simple procedure to meet the governments 2018 deadline.

ABBYY Recognition Server is a powerful server-based OCR solution for automated document capture and PDF conversion. Every day healthcare organisations, medical administrators and health insurance companies have to digitise tons of incoming paper documents and forms, and find critical information within their databases in seconds. Recognition Server simplifies the implementation of electronic patient records and information through the classification and automatic processing.

Case Study - Boehringer Ingelheim PDF 157 KB


DISK Protect

Losing sensitive information and breaching data regulations can cost health companies hundreds of thousands of pounds in fines.

Becrypt's data security solutions enhance security measures and safeguard patient, company and employee data. DISK Protect is a full disk encryption solution securing data on touch-screen tablets, laptops, desktops, servers and removable media from theft and loss. Devices can be encrypted at any time and once installed, all data is encrypted transparently allowing only authorised users to access data without impact on performance.

Case Study - Care UK PDF 84 KB


Remote Support

Healthcare organisations are being challenged to support a mobile workforce, whilst meeting strict security and compliance guidelines.

Bomgar's Remote Support allows users to remotely access and fix almost any system or device, anywhere, while keeping sensitive data and system access behind a secure firewall. Remote Support offers the security, integration and management capabilities a healthcare organisation need to increase productivity and improve performance.

Case Study - Norton Healthcare PDF 206 KB



Foglight is a unique application performance monitoring solution blends business context with deep technical insight, unifying all users and data within a structured model built around transactions.

Foglight compliments current workflows by filling in gaps in existing systems, protecting the end users investment by integrating data from the monitoring tools they already use.

Foglight will enable hospitals to increase and monitor collaboration, productivity and the adoption of electronic medical records.

Archive Manager

Archive Manager is a complete email and messaging content archiving software solution. Users can capture, retain, discover and explore their Exchange email system using advanced search capabilities. With Archive Manager, users can quickly gather and organise data for audits and meeting the correct retention and compliancy mandates.

Datasheet - Archive Manager PDF 94 KB


Delphix provides healthcare IT with enhanced data security, increased agility and lower costs, helping accelerate their transition to modernised, connected and mobile solutions.

Running as a virtual machine on any server or cloud, Delphix virtualises data in databases, application files, and file systems and makes it readily accessible to end users. It can also profile, mask and audit sensitive data in a simple and efficient manner to uphold compliance and protect against a data breach. The result is: faster IT projects, increased security and lower costs for the customer.

Case Study - Molina Healthcare PDF 810 KB


Reduce application request wait times and increase user satisfaction with Flexera's:


AdminStudio provides enterprise IT teams with the most advanced application packaging tools to efficiently prepare reliable application packages for software deployment with a complete set of automated MSI packaging, customisation, testing and reporting capabilities.

App Portal

App Portal makes the enterprise app store a reality. Suitable for desktop, mobile and cloud applications, App Portal enables IT to maintain the control necessary to ensure compliance with licensing agreements and corporate policy while reducing enterprise software costs and maximising software usage.

Press Release - Pennine Acute Hospitals PDF 43 KB


Business Objects

SAP solutions help healthcare organisations deliver high-value care and the personalised experience expected by today’s healthcare consumers, all while achieving operational excellence.

SAP Business Objects empowers business users with anytime, anywhere access to key insights delivered in context with a flexible BI platform from SAP. Increase responsiveness, reduce IT costs and workload and drive better decision making across an organisation.

Case Study - Mercy PDF 229 KB


Reduce application testing time and improve test accuracy with SmartBear's TestComplete

TestComplete has an open flexible architecture that makes creating, maintaining and executing automated tests across desktop, web, mobile easy, speedy and cost effective.

  • Enables automated testing of any application regardless of development language
  • Automates testing of HTML5 content including new tags and Web forms
  • Run tests on multiple physical and virtual machines
  • Merges test results from multiple machines into a single, comprehensive report

Case Study - Phillips Healthcare PDF 478 KB


Improve patient care, patient privacy, meet regulatory compliance standards and address increasingly complex healthcare IT needs with SolarWinds solutions.

Network Performance Monitor

Network Performance Monitor (NPM) is a powerful and affordable network monitoring software that enables users to quickly detect, diagnose and resolve network performance problems and outages.

NPM speeds up troubleshooting, resolves network outages, and reduces downtime. Monitors and displays response time, availability, and performance of network devices. Automatically calculates network latency and correlates to end-users' quality of experience. Improves operational efficiency with out-of-the-box, customisable dashboards, alerts, and reports. Automatically discovers and maps network devices and typically deploys in less than an hour.

Case Study - United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust PDF 179 KB


When you need an efficient way to share critical information, TechSmith screen capture and recording software. TechSmith will give you 24/7 communication from shift-to-shift, with images and videos to show exactly what you're talking about.


This easy to use screen capture tool has all the features a user needs to create engaging images and videos to communicate efficiently when words aren't enough. Enhance each capture with editing features and effects to turn a simple screen grab into eye-catching visuals every time.


A powerful, yet easy-to-use screen recorder, Camtasia helps organisations create more professional videos without having to be a video pro. Easily record screen movements and actions, or import HD video from a camera or other source. Customise and edit content both on Mac and Windows platforms, and share videos with viewers on nearly any device.

Case Study - Eric Jorgensen PDF 73 KB


From focus groups to usability studies, Morae gives organisations an insight into a user's experience by providing them with powerful data. Record and remotely observe user interactions, efficiently analyse results, and instantly share findings with anyone, anywhere.

Case Study - Intermountain Healthcare

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