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It's time for ZeroIMPACT, half-cost database replication with better support

What is Quest SharePlex?

SharePlex is the largest independent database replication solution in the market that provides high availability, scalability and near-real time data integration.

  • Distribute the user base over multiple servers to allow simultaneous use of data and to manage the load.
  • Provide backup availability in case one server falls over
  • Fast data transfer and storage for reporting

Licenses start at £50k per order and you get between 10-30% margin depending on partner status, which works out as a £5-15k GP per order!

This product is included in these software solutions:

Financial Sector

Public Sector

Retail Sector

Who needs SharePlex?

Target Customer – Database Administrators
Target Markets – Mid-Market SMEs, FTSE 250 and Public Sector

Quest SharePlex VS Oracle GoldenGate

  • SharePlex is half the total cost of Oracle Golden Gate.
  • SharePlex has unrivaled, award winning support that is superior to Oracle Golden Gate.
  • SharePlex is the largest independent replication solution that focuses and the needs of your database environments regardless of the database type.


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