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Intel System Studio

The Smart Way to Create Smart Code-Based on Deep, System-Wide Insights

Intel System Studio provides a complete software tool suite for embedded and mobile system development, comprising debuggers, analysers, compilers and libraries. Supporting Intel Atom, Intel Core and Intel Xeon processors, it helps to accelerate time to market by providing deep hardware and software insights when developing embedded and mobile systems.

It enhances code stability with powerful debuggers and highly-optimised maths and media processing libraries and also helps to boost power efficiencies and performance with in-depth system and SoC-wide (System on Chip) power analysis to isolate unexpected sources of power draining. Together these tools accelerate the delivery of next generation, power efficient, reliable embedded and mobile systems.


  • Intel VTune Amplifier Advanced CPU and System-on-Chip (SoC) analysis for power and performance profiling and tuning
  • Intel JTAG Debugger and GDB Debugger (optional) System debugger for Atom SoCs, low overhead event tracing, logging, source level debug of UEFI firmware, bootloader, OS kernel, and drivers
  • GDB Debugger Software debugger for fast application level defect analysis for increased system stability, application level instruction trace, and data race detection
  • Intel Inspector Dynamic and static analyzer identifies difficult to find memory and threading errors
  • Intel C++ Compiler Industry leading C/C++ compiler including the Intel Cilk Plus parallel model for optimised performance
  • Intel Integrated Performance Primitives Extensive library of high-performance software building blocks for signal, data, and multimedia processing.

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