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How the World Builds App-V Packages and MSI Installers for Windows Applications

InstallShield is the industry standard for development teams creating installers for Windows desktops, servers and cloud platforms. Software installed with InstallShield is used on more than 500 million PCs and servers.

Whether supporting independent applications or complex software bundles, InstallShield provides an intuitive development interface to develop MSI and EXE installers, create Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app packages, and virtualise applications with minimal scripting, coding or rework. InstallShield also helps application producers prepare their emerging deployment scenarios.


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InstallShield 2016 – Empowering Installations – Today and Beyond


Test your App for compatibility with Universal Windows Platform (UWP) App Packages and Windows Server App Packagers

Scan your InstallShield project in seconds to save hours of investigative work by automatically identifying potential compatibility issues between your application and Microsoft’s Desktop Bridge and Windows Server App packages.

Create Universal Windows Platform (UWP) App Packages from MSI Projects

Prepare for the Windows Store and simplify your software’s installation experience on Windows 10 by building Universal Windows Platform app packages from your existing InstallShield projects. Build both Windows Installer and UWP App Packages to support all of your customers’ desired deployment scenarios.

Create Windows Server App Packages (WSA) from MSI Projects

Get ready for Nano Server and Windows Server 2016 deployments by building Windows Server App packages from your existing InstallShield projects. Simultaneously create both Windows Server App packages and Windows Installer packages in your build process to easily support all of your customers’ desired deployment scenarios.

Combine Multiple UWP App Packages into One

Develop your installation in modules for easier deployment and maintenance, and then merge the components and dependencies at build time into a since UWP app package for the Windows Store. For direct distribution outside the store, bundle your UWP App Packages and other dependencies together with a Suite/Advanced UI installer. 

Mapped MSI Table Relationships

Gain insight into how MSI tables are related for more precise editing and troubleshooting. Quickly see how those changes will impact your installer to reduce the unintended consequences of manual table editing. 

Custom Windows 10 Tiles

Make your Windows Installer and UWP desktop applications “pop” on the Windows 10 Start screen with vibrant tiles for increased user engagement.


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