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Identity and access management for the real world

One Identity solutions eliminate the complexities and time-consuming processes often required to govern identities, manage privileged accounts and control access. These solutions enhance business agility while addressing challenges in cloud, hybrids and on-premises environments.

With One Identity you can:

  • Define a clear path to governance, access control and privileged management
  • Empower line of business managers to make access decisions
  • Leverage modular, integrated components to start building from anywhere
  • Deploy IAM solutions and achieve ROI in weeks – not months or years
  • Say yes to IAM projects that accelerate business operations

Active Roles

Solve your security issues and meet those never-ending compliance requirements with One Identity Active Roles. Secure and protect Active Directory and Azure Active Directory simply and efficiently.

Active Roles delivers automated tools for user and group account management that overcome the native shortcomings of Active Directory and Azure Active Directory, so you can do your job faster. Active Roles is designed with a modular architecture, so your organisation can easily meet your business requirements today and in the future.

Cloud Access Management

Meet your users’ needs for browser-based access to internal resources, custom-built mobile applications and cloud-based web applications while simultaneously enhancing security and IT efficiency.

Cloud Access Manager delivers single sign-on, context-aware (or adaptive) security, just in time cloud provisioning, federation, authorisation and auditing for a wide array of application types of access scenarios.


Defender enhances security by requiring two-factor authentication to gain access to your network resources. Defender uses your current identity store within Microsoft Active Dirctory (AD) to enable two-factor authentication. It takes advantage of AD’s inherent scalability and security to eliminate the time and expense involved with setting up and maintaining proprietary databases.

Enterprise Single Sign-on

Enterprise Single Sign-on enables your organisation to streamline both end-user management and enterprise-wise administration of single sign-on (SSO). It bases application and system user logins on your existing Active Directory identities, so there’s no infrastructure for you to manage.

Identity Manager

Unify security policies, meet compliance needs and achieve governance with Identity Manager meaning identity and access management can be driven by business needs, not IT capabilities.

Password Manager

Password Manager provides a simple, secure, self-service solution that enables end users to reset forgotten passwords and unlock their accounts. Now your organisation can implement stronger password policies while reducing help desk to workload. With Password Manager, there is no need to sacrifice security to reduce costs.

Password Manager supports a wide range of data security standards, which allows users to implement data-access policies that extend beyond the native control capabilities of Active Directory.

Privileged Access Suite for Unix

Easily overcome security and administration challenges inherent in UNIX-based systems - and achieve compliance with the Privileged Access Suite for Unix.

The suite is a one stop shop for UNIX security that combines Active Directory bridge and root-delegation solutions in one console. It consolidates and unifies UNIX, Linux and Mac OS X identities. Plus it assigns individual accountability, enables least-privilege access and centralises access reporting to the UNIX root account.

Privileged Password Manager

Privileged Password Manager automates, controls and secures the entire process of granting administrators the credentials necessary to perform their duties.

Privileged Password Manager ensures that administrative access is granted according to established policy, with appropriate approvals; that all actions are fully audited and tracked; and that the password is changed immediately upon its return.

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