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As the leading provider of Software Vulnerability Management, Flexera has compiled their Vulnerability Review 2017 which:

  • Presents global data on the frequency of vulnerabilities and the availability of patches
  • Maps the security threats to IT infrastructures
  • Explores vulnerabilities in the 50 most popular applications on private PCs
software vulnerablity definition

You can download the full Vulnerability Review 2017 here, but the Sigma team have compiled the key findings for you to have a read through below:

For their 2016 review, Secunia Research at Flexera focused their research on the products and vendors present in the environments of their Software Vulnerability Management customers. A total of 17,147 vulnerabilities in 2,136 products from 246 vendors in 2016, a 14% decrease from 2015 reflecting the new focus area by Flexera.

Highly Critical Vulnerabilities are on the rise

A notable change is the increase in the number of highly critical vulnerabilities with an increase from 13% in 2015 to 18% in 2016.

Secunia Research see highly critical as a remotely exploitable vulnerability that does not normally require any interaction but there are no known exploits available at the time of disclosure. Such vulnerabilities can exist in services like FTP, HTTP and SMTP or in client systems like email applications or browsers.


The Problem

Patches continue to be available for the vast majority of vulnerabilities at the time they become public. In 2016, 81% of all vulnerabilities and 92.5% of applications in the Top 50 Software Portfolio that were impacted by vulnerabilities had patches available on the day of disclosure.

However, even with an increase in available patches, there was a decrease in patch rates. This is often caused by organisational gaps between IT security teams and IT operations teams. Normally, those in charge of scanning for vulnerabilities (IT Security teams) are not in charge of applying patches (typically done by IT Operations) therefore, it is common that both groups don’t understand each other’s challenges and the gaps in the technologies they use.


The Solution

Luckily Software Vulnerability Management was designed to solve this problem by helping organisations identify vulnerable applications and systems in their environments so they can be prioritised, and remediate the problem via integrated patch management.

Implementing Flexera Software Vulnerability Manager makes it possible for organisations to bridge common organisational gaps between IT Security and IT Operations by delivering accurate patch assessment for security patches and tools for operations to perform remediation.

Download the full Flexera Vulnerability Report

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